Pet Friendly Apartments in South Tulsa

Welcome to the Pets Corner!

Not only does our community have a regularly updated Residents Corner but we also wanted to give some extra attention to our other special residents: your pets!

The Greenbriar Apartments Apartments is owned and operated by Gaines Investment Trust and offers pet friendly apartments in South Tulsa. As such, we have team of “experts” to give us advice on things like lawn areas, pet stations, where to place a hydrant, pet treats in the office area, etc. Below are pictures of the Director and Assistant Director. Please forward any animal inquiries to our building managers who will in turn consult with our “experts” in this department.

pet friendly apartments in south tulsa - cowboyDirector of Pet Relations

Assistant Director of Pet Relations

We would love to add photos of your pets to our Pets Corner Gallery! Simply send your picture via email and your Fluffy and Bubbles will be added to the gallery. Don’t forget to include names!

Do you have any friends looking for an apartment where pets are welcome?

Don’t forget to refer your family, friends and co-workers to our pet friendly Tulsa apartments where cats, dogs, rabbits, goldfish and people can find a great home.

For those looking for a pet friendly apartment, read our pet policy on the right and call today 877-365-0820.

Greenbriar Apartments – PET OF THE MONTH (Coming Soon)

To submit your pet for “Pet of the Month,” send some information about your pet along with 3 great pictures to

*Disclaimer: Some of the above text is for humorous purposes and does not reflect actual Gaines policy.

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