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Posted On: 6/11/2021

By: Denise Rogers   
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Posted On: 8/15/2020

Such a nice clean property and friendly staff! Kassidy the leasing agent has a great personality and is very knowledgeable about the property.
By: Angela McGinnis   
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Posted On: 7/21/2020

Moved here in June and so far I love it. I spent a long time looking for an apartment complex with an included washer/dryer that was closeish to midtown, cheap, and safe. Yes, it's close to 61st and Peoria, but I still feel very safe walking around, even when it's late at night. It's very quite and peaceful here. I never have to worry about finding a parking space. Everyone I've interacted with, residents and staff, is friendly. I personally think the complex kind of has a cozy North Eastern college campus vibe with the gazebo, lamp posts, and brick buildings. Have realistic expectations. My unit has its quirks, but that's to be expected considering the age of the place. Yes, the units are a bit dated visually, but you're paying a cheaper price than a $700/month+ place. I'm in a JR unit and I think it's priced well for what you get. The kitchen island is so convenient. Bedroom is large and spacious. Decent sized balcony. You're also 5 minutes away from the river, which is awesome. Keep in mind they don't mention when touring that your unit might be different as far as what appliances are in it and some small things might be different. Ex. The unit I toured had a white fridge and white stove with an oven window. The unit I received had a older beige fridge and ancient looking beige stove with no oven window. Other places I toured were upfront about this (you would pay more for black or stainless appliances). I don't think my tour guide hid this intentionally. Seemed more like not being aware it should be pointed out. I also know some people don't care at all, so this is more for people that cook a lot or hate the look of old kitchen appliances. Only negative is repairs are a little slow. Not the biggest drawback, but from the explanations I received, it appears Greenbriar would benefit from another maintenance worker. Other than that, I'm very happy here and would recommend checking it out if you need a reasonably priced place to live!
By: Vivian Barnum   
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Posted On: 2/11/2020

By: Kelsey Moen   
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Hi Kelsey, Thank you for the 5-star rating! We are thrilled to have provided you with such a positive experience. Warm Regards, J. Erin Bodie Customer Service Manager Gaines Investment Trust 858-250-0595

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